We are pleased to be able to offer physiotherapy consultations to patients who are unable to attend the clinic by using our Telehealth service.

Our Telehealth consultations will deliver the same exceptional level of care as our in-clinic service , where our experienced team of physiotherapists will assess, diagnose and develop a tailored treatment plan designed for many suitable conditions.

With Telehealth, your preferred physiotherapist is able to contact you via video chat on your mobile phone or your computer.

To be eligible for a Telehealth consultation, you will be required to complete an intake form. Please complete the form below and contact our reception staff.

Most musculoskeletal injuries are suitable for Telehealth Physiotherapy consultations. If your physiotherapist determines that your injury or situation is not at all suitable for a Telehealth consultation, we will let you know, and you won’t be charged for the consultation.

We will send you an intake form to complete prior to your Telehealth consultation to allow you the opportunity to give us as much information possible about your injury and also serve as a suitability assessment for a Telehealth.

If you are unsure whether your injury is suitable or not give us a call or email us.

All appointments at Canberra Sports Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation start with a ‘subjective assessment’, where the Physiotherapist will ask you a series of questions designed to diagnose your injury. By the end of the assessment, your Physio should already have a clear idea of your probable diagnosis. The Physiotherapist may then perform some tests to confirm this diagnosis.

We can then treat you by educating you about your condition, identifying contributing factors from your lifestyle, as well as prescribing a structured exercise program and self release techniques to help you with your injury management until we can see you in the clinic again.

As part of your Telehealth consultation we can email you detailed exercise programs, which can be conveniently accessed on your phone or computer. As with all our consultations, if you are ever unsure about an exercise that has been prescribed or any questions about your injury, please feel free to email your physio directly for confirmation or reassurance at any time.

Currently most private health funds are in the process of approving rebates for Telehealth consultations. Please confirm with own fund