Knee Pain

Knee pain and injury has many causes. There are many structures inside your knee that could be damaged or compromised as a result of a traumatic injury or overuse. Accurate assessment and diagnosis is key to your recovery.

Do you have knee pain that is holding you back from daily activities? Whatever your passion, whether it’s returning to the field, kicking the footy or even preparing for your next adventure holiday – our Physiotherapists will get you back in action in no time!

Knee pain is very common and can be caused by a range of injuries. If you have, twisted, wrenched, fallen on or had impact to your knee, chances are you may have injured some of the many internal structures of your knee.

Any of these structures could be damaged or compromised as a result of a traumatic or chronic injury. Common knee injuries include ACL injuries, MCL injuries, acute meniscal tears, patella dislocations or even more long-term injuries such as runners’ knee or osteoarthritic changes. Growing pain is also a common issue that affects the knee. Physiotherapy can accurately assess these structures and determine other biomechanical factors contributing to your knee pain.

We are expert in “prehabilitation”  which means attending physiotherapy preoperatively to ensure you recover as quickly as possible. Canberra Sports Physiotherapists work closely with your GPs and Orthopaedic surgeons to ensure your recovery and injury management plan are executed to the highest level. Our Physiotherapists will arrange an individually planned rehabilitation program to get you back onto your feet.

We will also offer solutions that will not only relieve your pain but prevent knee pain and injuries for the future. Our aim is to get you back to achieving your goals in daily life!

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